Become a Krewe Leader


New Orleans local business owners and professionals are invited to join the Bienvenue Krewe. When you become a sponsor of the New Orleans Bienvenue Krewe as a Krewe Leader you become one of the first smiling faces new residents meet when they move to our city. 

When new members opt-in to be referred to a Krewe Leader they will be assigned to your tribe and you may reach out to them to offer your support. As your tribe grows through our referrals you are building a vast network of new residents who know you, trust you and appreciate your support of their dream of living in New Orleans. You can design your relationship with your tribe in any way that you wish. You may create an email support program, invite them to visit your business, hold private social events or host coffee hours to answer their questions. You design your relationship with your tribe to fit your business lifestyle.  

As a sponsor of The Bienvenue Krewe, you become a local influencer, trusted leader and friend to all new residents of New Orleans. 

You are a perfect fit for being a Leader of the Bienvenue Krewe if:

• You have a gift for hospitality
• You are an established local business owner in New Orleans
• You have lived in New Orleans for 3 or more years
• You have had the experience of moving to a new city
• You want to be promoted as a community leader in New Orleans
• Your business or organization would benefit from exposure to thousands of new residents

New Orleans Bienvenue Krewe
mentor new residents
Moving to New Orleans
promote your business
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  • Be promoted as a leader in your industry
  • Business interview on Nola Vibes Podcast
  • Referrals to your business
  • Post Business/Property Listings in the MTNOLA Facebook Group
  • Video Tour of your business/property listing Filmed & Hosted by Te-Erika
  • Distinguished and promoted as Hosts of all Krewe social events
  • Stream LIVE workshops, events in the MTNOLA group
  • Promotions in the Moving to New Orleans Resource Guide
  • Promote IN PERSON workshops and social events, Co Hosted By The Bienvenue Krewe



  • Business flyers posted in the support group twice per month
  • Referrals to your business
  • Business mention on NolaVibes.Com
  • Business mention on Nola Vibes Podcast
  • Business listing in the Moving to New Orleans Resource Guide